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Walking Cradles
Walking Cradles' footwear collection has been conceived and manufactured with the belief that a comfort shoe doesn't have to sacrifice style and fashion appeal. Expertly designed and carefully crafted, Walking Cradles' unique line of shoes delivers the utmost in quality and comfort. Soft leather uppers with leather lining and comfort features galore are just a few of the features that show the meticulous attention to detail Walking Cradles put into every pair. Walking Cradles' exclusive, and specially designed Tiny Pillow footbed, made of non-compacting support material that provide cushioning in all the right places, delivers a comfort experience your feet will love. Insider on Walking Cradles Shoes

At some point in their lives, most women decide that comfortable, practical footwear is more sensible than footwear with less health-oriented benefits, such as the shape or height of a heel; comfort and function shouldn't be sacrificed for fashion. Sky high heels and narrow soles can damage a woman's feet and cause her pain. Many women feel it has to be one or the other. They doubt that superior comfort and style can be found in the same pair of shoes.

Walking Cradles is a go to brand for women who want sensible, stylish footwear. Walking Cradles makes it possible for women to love their shoes and wear them, too. According to Walking Cradles, comfort and style are synonymous.

Walking Cradles footwear features Tiny Pillow foot beds and lightweight, flexible materials, such as soft Nappa leather. Engineered for lasting comfort, the footbed materials in Walking Cradles slip-on shoes, flats, and sandals bounce back after compression. Walking Cradles shoes are designed and constructed with an understanding of and attention to the anatomy and physiology of women's feet.