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    Tretorn celebrates the everyday life outside, in cities, in nature, always with style. Tretorn aims to inspire an active everyday life outside, whatever the weather, the season – in nature and cities. Rooted in an iconic Swedish heritage and contemporary outlook, Tretorn seeks to act as a creative pioneer, constantly challenging conventions to bring innovative products to consumers' evolving lifestyles. Insider on Tretorn

    Aside from Gene Kelly and maybe Rihanna, few people look forward to a rainy day. The reality is we're not often singing in the rain, jumping from puddle to puddle in a joyous dance. No, instead we are running to work, desperately trying to make it from point A to point B with minimal water damage to the new leather shoes we probably shouldn't have worn. I'm sure Gene was full of regret after all of that rain ruined his oxfords. And, contradictory to the song, we're not often huddled under our umbrella (ella, ella, eh) with a bestie. Nope, real life downpours usually leave us saving excursions for another day. Sorry Rihanna, no room for you under my umbrella.

    Most of the time, though, you can't hang around waiting for the storm to pass, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. That's where Tretorn comes in. Tretorn began manufacturing waterproof footwear in Sweden at the end of the 19th century. From rubber boots, they have grown to produce sneakers and eyewear for customers loyal to their quality products. Offering protective and colorful rain boots for men, women, and children, Tretorn gives you a reason to sing and dance at the sight of even the lightest drizzle (or at least the tools you need to do so).