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Quarantine life for this fitness & lifestyle guru has been a strange but satisfying adjustment. Atlanta-based Lauren Elyce takes us hour-by-hour through her day as she works toward her health goals at home.

Summer styles

“Our days look a little different right now and although it has me a while to get used to the new normal, I’m finally there. And I’m loving it.

In the past, summers were spent outdoors, with friends and family, traveling, and more. This year, I’m making the most of it and there’s something pretty empowering about that. In addition to getting creative with at-home date nights and making my way through an epic movie list, I’m been focusing on overall health & wellness.”

summer styles

“It is totally possible to work towards your health
goals while at home,” Lauren says. “No matter what they are.”

summer styles

7:00 a.m. Wake up

“I’m no longer a snooze button girl and it feels good. After waking up, I’ll head straight to the kitchen and sip on a cup of hot water with lemon (great for digestion & a natural boost of energy) while I make my morning green juice and protein smoothie. This little routine is the perfect way to start my day and I’ve found that having some structure helps me stay on top of my health goals.”

8:00 a.m. Live workout

“I’ve really enjoyed getting in my morning workouts from home with my Lauren Elyce Fit Challenge girls. In 45 minutes or less, I can get in an effective and FUN sweat sesh all from the comfort of my living room.”

summer styles

9:00 a.m. Time to clock in

“After a quick shower and water refill, I buckle down at my computer. Emails get checked first and then I dive into work for a few hours. Of course, I come up for air when it’s snack and lunch time.”

2:00 p.m. Me time with coffee or tea

“Let’s be real. Rest & recovery is just as important as being active. I start my day with some activity so it’s only natural that I take a little time in the middle of the day for some R&R. Lately, one of my favorite ways to get a little recovery is with a 30-to-40 minute walk outside. I make myself a coffee or tea and queue up an audio book. It is the best.”

summer styles

3:00 p.m. Back to work

“After my walk, I put in a few more hours of work. I aim to shut my computer down by 6 or 7 at the very latest. When the work is done, I love to unwind with a movie night or binge watching a few of my favorites shows.”

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