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    About Strength Shoe:

    In the mid 1960's, an inventor from Jackson Mississippi named Paul Cox began working on an idea for a revolutionary athletic shoe. With his background in biomechanics and two sons on the high school football team, Cox realized he could combine his interests into one remarkable product. His goal was simple: help the average athlete increase vertical jump, flexibility, strength and speed. In 1972, he developed a prototype for what would become the Strength Shoe. He went to Strength Footwear, Inc, a New Orleans-based importer, for his shoes and his orders piqued the interest of the company. After a visit to Cox's garage-turned-laboratory, Strength Footwear Inc bought the patent rights to the shoe and has watched sales grow exponentially. Essentially a sneaker with a small platform attached to the bottom front half, the Strength Shoe allows the wearer to continuously engage the calf muscle. In regular shoes, 70% of the body's weight rests on the heels, therefore, the calf muscles exert little effort in supporting the body. In Strength Shoes, the heel is eliminated, causing the calves to support 100% of the body's weight. This overload works the calves and Achilles tendons with a force equal to 6 times the body's weight upon impact. Used correctly, the Strength Shoe stretches and overloads these muscles, which in time will lengthen and strengthen. The Strength Shoes can increase vertical jump five to ten inches, lower speed in the 40-yard dash by two tenths of a second, and improve lower leg strength and flexibility. Many well-known athletes use Strength Shoes for training, to give them an extra edge, but the shoes can help even amateur athletes excel in any sport - basketball, football, soccer, track, volleyball, body building, baseball and more. Since then Strength Footwear, Inc became Strength Systems, Inc and has seen competitors come and go, but Strength Shoes remains the only product of its kind to be medically tested and proven safe and effective. We have almost 20 years of research and development in plyometric training shoes and have gone through six generations of improvements to offer a state-of-the-art training shoe to any level of athlete. The Strength Shoe has come a long way since Paul Cox's garage, but after four decades, the original concept remains intact: Get Up In the Game.