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    Snappy Socks by Corla

    Snappy Socks by Corla
    Corla, mother of five, sat down one day in front of a pile of laundry and did the math; in one week, her family of seven each wearing 2 socks a day forced her to contend with the sorting of 98 socks! Was there any wonder she couldn't find two matching ones! The thought, "There's got to be a better way", led to these "Snappy Socks". Simply snap the socks together before throwing them in the laundry and never sort socks again! From one busy mom to another, enjoy! Never sort socks again! Snappy Socks are the smartest socks in town! Take them off, snap them together, wash, dry and.... they're still together! A little snap makes mom's life easier! What will you do with all your extra time? Now that you won't be hanging out in the laundry room looking for pairs!