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Sano by Mephisto Technologies
Sano by Mephisto
Developed by world-renowned footwear manufacturer Mephisto, the Sano footwear collection offers a unique and innovative construction that provides a comfort level beyond any available today. All styles in the Sano by Mephisto collection ensure the best in comfortable walking; natural and soft from the first step you take. The secret behind the Sano styles lies in the technology. The exclusive IPS - Integrated Power Stimulator - is located in the heel and propels your gait forward, acting as a shock absorbing system; which significantly reduces the impact on the joints, back and legs. Other innovative features include the Multi Vibration System, which together with the rocker bottom, help stimulates "unused" muscles to keep you toned and in shape, whether you're working, shopping, or just going for a walk. All materials used to manufacture the Sano collection are of the best quality ensuring optimal comfort for your feet and body. Sano is your fitness coach all day long and works hard to improve your body shape.