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About Salvatore Ferragamo:

With an innate level of talent as well as a true love of the craft of sculpting and crafting beautiful things to wear, Salvatore Ferragamo initially established his reputation as the shoe designer for the Hollywood stars of the 1920's. Later in Florence, Italy, Salvatore Ferragamo launched its own fashion label and became a pioneer of the industry creating visionary designs which ranged from the out-of-the ordinary to the innovative and elegant. While Salvatore Ferragamo is most famous for its elegant shoes, the company has also created a line of leather goods, clothing and other luxury items all retaining the spirit and feel of Ferragamo's unique and original creations. Today, celebrities have made the Salvatore Ferragamo brand a must have in Hollywood and all over the world. More often than not, someone is wearing a Salvatore Ferragamo creation on the red carpet.