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    Remo Tulliani

    Remo Tulliani
    Young designer Remo Tulliani, has got the fashion world scratching its head by achieving uncanny success at an age most new designers are still developing their unique inceptions. While most new designers break onto the scene with auspicious dreams of promulgating new trends to display upon the fashion world, Remo spent his early days observing what people were wearing here and now, the omnipresent, classic leather accessories that never go out of style. Remo envisioned a collection, adding spice and excitement to an otherwise, timeless medium. Spending many summers and winters working along with his family, who reside in the mountains of Abruzzo Italy, proved to pay off. Remo was inspired to innovate, fresh designs, and obtain superior product from the Italian tanneries and buckle manufacturers. When the opportunity came to procure exotic new leathers from Namibia & Zimbabwe, Remo's entrepreneurial vision propelled him south of the Equator at the still raw age of 22, in search of quality exotic materials to bring his vision to reality. This visionary concept, of bringing the public what it wants here and now has paid off handsomely for this innovative self-starter. With assistance from supporters who saw his talent potential early, Remo Tulliani has quickly grown into a highly successful venture doubling its sales volume every year since 1991. Powered by the drive to gain acceptance in a competitive market, by delivering a quality product bearing his name, and the willingness to stand honorably behind that name. Remo risked everything in sheer determination to build the business, making Remo Tulliani belts the finest available. Traveling across the nation and back, from specialty shops to finer boutiques, Remo quickly developed a reputation for his quality craftsmanship. His genuine, refreshing, down-to-earth nature captured the respect of his clients and customers. Accompanied by the industry's most sought after fashion reps, fueled by their belief in his passion for his product, took on the Remo Tulliani line. Their knowledge of the business and expertise, combined with the growing visibility of the Tulliani mark of quality resulted in the opening of 200 stores nationwide, including D. Fine, Clotherie, Bigsby & Kruthers, and Brady's. Remo Tulliani now debuts nationally at Nordstrom, where his opening trunk shows are so successful, usually a second appearance is requested. Aided no doubt by genuine approachability , and concern for his customers needs, made him extremely popular within the fashion business. Remo Tulliani is the epitome of today's young successful designing entrepreneurs, who prove that integrity, honesty, determination and perseverance, combined with talent, hard work and common sense can turn dreams into reality.