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    Have you ever wondered why it feels so good to walk barefoot on grass or sand? It's because we are all standing on a natural energy source - the earth. When we walk barefoot on the earth we absorb the earth's energy in the form of electrons. These electrons enable us to get grounded -- and being grounded makes us feel better. Many shoes create a barrier to grounding. Pluggz helps ground us and reconnect us to what the earth has to offer. Pluggz are made of 100% high quality, comfortable rubber soles. Each pair contains black plugs made from a custom carbon and rubber compound that sit under a weight bearing part of our feet ensuring electrical contact between us and the earth. These plugs are designed to conduct a flow of free electrons from the earth to our bodies. This proprietary technology allows us to get grounded when we walk on grass, sand, soil - or even concrete. The first time you wear your new pluggz you might feel a small sensation coming from the ball of your foot. That's where our plug is embedded; where earth's energy begins its journey into your waiting body. As you wear them you're likely to start feeling what other pluggz wearers have felt. Some just love how comfortable and well-made pluggz are. Others feel an increased sense of well-being. Some have reported feeling more balanced, others more energized, others less stressed, while some others feel calmer with less aches and pains. You might even feel all of the above. After all, pluggz is more than a good-looking shoe. It's a good-looking shoe that does a lot of good. You'll not only feel good wearing your pluggz but you'll feel good buying them knowing that each time you purchase a pair of pluggz, a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting inspiring organizations dedicated to improved health for people of all ages. Pluggz were created to give all people, young and old, the ability to connect with the goodness that lies right beneath their feet.