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PF Flyers
In 1933, canvas footwear pioneer BF Goodrich patented the Posture Foundation insole, an innovation in comfort and performance, and began adding the new technology to its action shoes. Goodrich shoes with Posture Foundation became known simply as "P-F" in 1937. Fashion trends in the Forties and Fifties saw PF Flyers escaping gyms and ball fields to become fashionable active footwear for everyone. "Everything you do is more fun with PF" read one 1947 magazine ad. PF styles ranged from high- and low-top sport shoes to oxfords and moccasins "for work, relaxation and play." By the 1960s, PF was one of the most popular shoes in America. But even the shoe that helped millions "Run Faster and Jump Higher" struggled with industry changes in the early Seventies. Today, PF Flyers action shoes have returned, with the original synergy of good looks and active comfort stronger than ever.