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Nurse Mates
Nurse Mates has kept its focus on the health care industry for over 40 years and we are proud to be the worlds best known manufacturer of white professional footwear and support hosiery, with a 95% brand recognition among nurses. They have always catered to nurses by offering a unique combination of fashion and functionality in every pair of shoes we make to maintain optimum health during long work hours. They take care of the nurse by making lightweight footwear that offers breathable leather uppers with a stain resistant finish, shock absorbing insoles, soft, cushioning linings and slip resistant rubber inserts on bottoms. Some styles even have the exclusive DRYZ technology inside to keep feet dry and comfortable. When searching for quality products at affordable prices that meet the specific needs of health care workers, there's one sure sign to look for: the signature blue heart of Nurse Mates. The signature of quality.