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L.B. Evans
Since 1804, L.B. Evans has delivered the finest quality in men's slippers. L.B. Evans superior materials and craftsmanship provide its devoted customers with the highest level of comfort and style. Now an American classic with over 200 years of history, L.B. Evans continues to deliver the quintessential "Gentleman's Slipper". Insider on L.B. Evans Slippers

L.B. Evans began when shoemaking was a craft, when each footwear component, including heels, counters, soles, and uppers, was delicately hand cut and sewn to assure quality and comfort in every pair. Founded by the Evans family in Vermont in the early nineteenth century, and special for its collaboration with local farmer-citizens, who assembled components supplied by the Evans, the L.B. Evans brand is known for its slipper heritage and quality commitment. Though the company has evolved from its handsewn roots, the assurance of quality and comfort in every pair of L.B. Evans slippers and moccasins continues.

When you're at home, you should be comfortable. Returning from a hard day's work, it is gratifying to find your way into a pair of L.B. Evans slippers. You know it; I know it; the Evans, including Thomas, Amos, James, Lucius, and Harvey knew it; nothing quite beats the feeling of a good pair of slippers. So, step into a pair of L.B. Evans and your feet will feel comfortably at home.