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People who know quality ask for LaCrosse by name. It's been that way since 1897. You'll find LaCrosse boots in mines, industrial settings, road projects, backcountry hunting camps and many more places where excuses don't cut it. People at LaCrosse don't guess what its customers need. They live it. LaCrosse mining boots are developed side-by-side with miners. LaCrosse's scent-free, bow hunting boots, with experienced hunters. LaCrosse's toughest leather work boots, with the toughest work conditions in mind. See the pattern? It's the reason LaCrosse chooses specific kinds of leather. It's why a boot's lugs are deep, or shallow, or shaped just so. Sure, there are easier ways to build products. But it's never been about easy. Respect is the consequence of LaCrosse's 100-plus-year commitment to quality. LaCrosse promises never to take that respect for granted. Not now. Not ever. LaCrosse - Dominate Your Ground.