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Korkers Technologies
Korkers creates, markets and distributes all-terrain footwear featuring patented, adaptable traction that allows outdoor enthusiasts to optimize their traction performance in varying conditions in and out of water.

The Korkers brand was born over 50 years ago on the rugged and treacherous riverbanks of the Rogue River near Grants Pass, Oregon. Made by hand, using scrap rubber, nylon cord and carbide spikes, Korkers' "River Cleats" were created in the basement of Korkers' founder, Sherman Smith. The functional yet versatile design of the cleat system quickly grew as a favorite among fisherman who often found themselves slipping and/or falling on slippery river rock, and eventually spread to provide traction safety to a number of industrial applications such as roofing and outdoor work on snow/ice.

Some people gear up, the people a Korkers prefer "gearing down". That's where Korkers thrives. The legendary OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System enables this rare breed the versatility to do more "adventure" with less "gear". Interchangeable felts for fly fishing, interchangeable carbide studded outsoles for traction on snow and ice and an interchangeable trail sole add up to the most versatile and efficient all-terrain, all-season footwear available. For those that crave outdoor adventure, Korkers expands your boundaries.