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    The original Kork-Ease sandal was first introduced during the mid 1950's as a comfort sandal. The brand coasted in obscurity as the company built hand-made buffalo sandals out of Brooklyn, NY. Almost 20 years later, it was hijacked as a fashion item by the counter-culture youth movement in the early 1970's when suddenly the shoe rocketed to rock-star status faster than Stairway To Heaven went to number 1 on the charts. The brand spawned numerous wanabees, as companies began to introduce similar styles. Then suddenly, almost as quickly as the fad emerged, it disappeared. Blame it on Disco (One knows there was plenty to blame on Disco), or simply a shift in the fashion scene. One can only speculate. The fact of the matter is the Kork-Ease craze died....but the brand did not. Once designed on the factory floors of Brooklyn; Kork-Ease has stood the true test of time as it now appears once again in the best stores around the world. Insider on Kork-Ease Shoes

    While wedges and platform shoes are again present among fashion forward styles, there is a certain nostalgia that Kork-Ease shoes evoke. Describing them as "trendy" and "timeless" seems oxymoronic, but Kork-Ease footwear is an exception to this contradiction. Since 1953, Kork-Ease stayed true to its origin as a brand. Instead of altering its founding styles to accommodate transitory fads, the Kork-Ease brand stayed true to itself and patiently awaited the fashion community's return. And, like a boomerang or an unforgotten flame, the style conscious came back to Kork-Ease. We've missed you, Kork-Ease. We didn't know what we were missing and you're perfect just the way you are. Luckily, Kork-Ease stood its ground and didn't change for anyone. Its use of durable materials, such as cork and vachetta leather for many of its clogs, sandals, and heels remains a reliable and historically trusted technique for quality footwear.