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    Kamik creates footwear that brings its Northern origins to life: Strong. Dependable. Resilient. Established in Canada in 1932, Kamik features a complete line of outdoor footwear – 70% Made in Canada or Built in the USA – crafted to ensure maximum quality, comfort, warmth and durability. And they work hard to make sure those traits remain synonymous with their North American manufacturing operations.

    JOURNEY ON. The brand identity, like its product, was inspired by the Canadian North. Kamik's logo is made up of a whalebone – which symbolizes protection – over a stone landmark, that the Inuit people called an Inukshuk. The Inukshuk is a familiar outdoor symbol that stands for strength, protection and guidance. When you see it on Kamik's products, it lets you know that they've been built to be just as tough. So whether you're putting your Kamik footwear on to venture into the Arctic plains or if you're just trekking down a snowy sidewalk, your feet are always suited up to journey on.