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Q. What is Gout?

what is gout

A. Gout is an inflammatory condition where crystals periodically deposit in joints, causing severe pain and swelling.

What causes it?
A form of arthritis, gout most commonly occurs in the big toe, with pain often worsening at night. While limiting alcohol intake and keeping a healthy diet and exercise routine may help, some cases of gout will require more advanced medical attention and treatment. Always consult your physician for proper diagnosis and treatment of foot pain.

Can shoes help?
You bet! If you're suffering from gout, comfort is key. Look for shoes that aren't too tight, and avoid styles that squeeze your toes (i.e. pointed shoes and high heels). A shoe with a thick, low heel (like a wedge) that puts your foot at a small, comfortable, natural angle is best, and it's also important to look for shoes with wide toe boxes, which is the area that surrounds your foot from the knuckle joints to the tips of your toes. Additionally, a shoe that is SADMERC and PDAC approved will help ensure the right fit, especially if you're looking for medical reimbursement.

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