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Battle of the Regions: Truth, Lies and Shopping Carts

New Survey Reveals Who's Really Faking It & Other Habits

When it comes to style secrets and hidden shopping behaviors – who are the real culprits and where do they reside? ShoeBuy recently conducted a national survey* of consumers aged 25-54, and the data reveals unexpected realities about secret keepers, daters and fakers, and that where you live might just be the key to all your shopping cart secrets. Think you know which category you fall into? Read on to find out.

ShoeBuy Shopping Survey - United States of Shoes

West-side Style

Let's start with the West. Turns out that those who live in this region are the most brand-conscious shoppers. And although often associated with healthy lifestyles, this region is home to the most fakers when it comes to their gear: you're 5 times more likely to wear athletic clothes to fake a workout here than if you lived in the South. That said, with the athleisure trend sweeping the nation, who can blame you; we'll be rocking our jogging pants right there with you.

Is Midwest Best?

Moving over to the Midwest, we find the savviest shoppers. You value a great deal above style or brand names. And when it comes to that athleisure trend, you're more aroused by a partner sporting workout clothes than your friends in the rest of the country, but who doesn't love it when their amour is staying healthy?

Northeastern Exposure

If you live in the Northeast, you not only love to shop online, but you're not afraid to splurge! You can be found shopping online when the mood strikes you, when you're going through a breakup, or even when you're bored – not just when you have a specific need. And you're also less concerned with price than the rest of the nation; if you live here, you're less likely to worry about price before moving an item into your cart. Then again, you only live once – so why not enjoy it!

Southern Comforts

As for the South, here we find the nation's practical shoppers. Take shoes for instance, if you're in the market for a new pair, you're also mindful of support and comfort. These days, there are so many fabulous-looking shoes that you can wear from day to night, so you no longer have to sacrifice your feet for fashion. You're also a sale devotee or some might say addict; you're likely to shop a great sale from your mobile device than other regions...from a wedding, during a meeting (twice as much as those in the Northeast) or even when you're driving (three times as likely as those in the West). We love a great sale, too – just drive safely!

More Fun Facts:

  • Forget kissing...apparently a lady never shops and tells: 40% of women would rather tell their significant other about their romantic history than how much they spend on shoes.
  • Shoes are empowering! In fact, 40% of women who wear heels feel more confident when sporting a pair of stilettos, and one third of men who wear dress shoes feel more powerful when wearing them.
  • Men are twice as likely as women to wear athletic clothes when not exercising to fake a workout. Women are more likely to wear yoga pants every day, with 53% saying comfort is their motivator.

At the end of the day, we believe it's stylish comfort that brings out the best in all of us, no matter where we live. So go ahead, sport your favorite sneakers or tennis shoes with your yoga pants (we'll be wearing them, too!), even if your afternoon plan is to browse your favorite websites for great deals.

*Survey Methodology: This survey was conducted online nationally for ShoeBuy through Google Consumer Surveys among 500 men and women, ages 25-54 in May of 2015.