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Giorgio Brutini As Seen In
Giorgio Brutini
Color and style are the hallmarks that Giorgio Brutini has long been known for. This season the focus is on the broad palette of colors that all Giorgio Brutini styles are available in. From rich, textured prints to jewel tone suedes you will find it all with Giorgio Brutini. From styling that ranges from classic to sophisticated you can be assured that Giorgio Brutini has what you need. Insider on Giorgio Brutini Shoes

White collar style can sometimes be a little uninspiring. After suiting up, some men may find that they blend in with all of the other 9 to 5-ers without reflecting any personal style. If you're looking for a way to stand out from the rest and break free from the corporate mold, look no further than Giorgio Brutini footwear. Giorgio Brutini shoes come in a range of colors and textures, adding an unexpected pop to your formal attire. So go ahead! Add some pastel purple oxfords to your black suit to brighten up your Monday. Pair your Sunday clothes with snakeskin loafers. Go out to dinner in your green wing tips, all while retaining sophistication and a formal appearance.

Giorgio Brutini gives a whole new meaning to the concept of business and formal shoes. Blending in is a thing of the past when you're a Giorgio Brutini man.