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Giesswein's footwear mission is simple: combine soft, uniquely-durable and breathable boiled wool with the foot support necessary to keep you healthy, energized and comfortable all day long.

The Giesswein family has been committed to the environment since their first batch of boiled wool was created in Austria 1954. Using Mother Nature's most renewable, recyclable ingredients – wool, water and natural rubber – they start with an economical use of resources, continue with a non-polluting production, and finish with a natural way of packaging.

"WOOL is COOL!" BOILED WOOL REALLY IS COOL…YEAR-ROUND! It regulates your foot temperature – never too hot and never to cold! Giesswein's natural boiled wool keeps your feet cozy and pampered in the winter and also cool and comfortable in the spring and summer. It provides a high rate of air tightness, creating the extraordinary capacity to maintain both warmth and cool when needed. Forget about sweaty, synthetic slippers that suffocate your feet – Giesswein's boiled wool slippers keep you feeling active and energized all day and into the evening. The combination of supportive, orthotic-quality footbeds and breathable, natural wool uppers makes for a companion you can't live without wherever you are!

Giesswein's environmental vision is inspired by the uniqueness of the Tyrolean Mountains. A declared belief in nature and environment is part of the company's philosophy. Their environmental commitment starts with an economical use of resources, continues with a non-polluting production, and ends with a natural way of packaging. Water-protection, energy-conservation and waste-prevention, which are at the core of Giesswein's values.