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Flojos is recognized as one the top sandal manufactures in the world. It's a brand name growing in popularity each year as they continue to make their presence known in stores and online.

For the past several years Flojos has worked hard to expand their women's selection to include not only the cute, flat flip-flop, but also the platforms, sparkles, and a varied amount of color choices to entice the ladies.

The men's line has expanded to include leather, sport, and fashion sandals. The sturdiness of Flojos sandals is a quality that defines this men's collection.

For the kids, there are mini versions of the ladies and men's lines. Kids love to wear their parents wear and Flojos makes it possible with cute and fun styles for them.

Kick into fun, slip into style. Become a loyal Flojos fan! They'll love to become your favorite sandal company.