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Emeril Lagasse Footwear
Emeril's Footwear is a shoe line specially designed for professionals in the restaurant industry. Culinary icon Emeril Lagasse, the founder of twelve restaurants and star of popular shows Emeril Live and Top Chef, brings to the footwear industry his years of restaurant experience and an intimate understanding of the particular demands of culinary professionals. Emeril's line of slip and stain?resistant footwear offers restaurant industry professionals shoes designed to provide maximum protection and comfort for demanding work days. These duty shoes reimagine work footwear with innovations in style, safety, and comfort.

Emeril's shoes feature multiple innovations that are specifically tailored to the restaurant environment. Knowing that duty shoes need to stand up to the tough environment that culinary professionals face, Emeril worked closely with the creative and engineering teams to integrate antimicrobial and water repellent technologies into the material of the shoe upper itself, while also introducing a memory foam insole for enhanced comfort. Each shoe also includes an Emeril-inspired slip-resistant outsole to provide reliable traction on any surface, an essential consideration in busy kitchens. Beyond the functional innovations, the shoes are designed to meet the evolving tastes of culinary professionals, offering both style and substance.