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    Dyeables has been designing and distributing women's bridal, prom and evening fashion footwear for over two and a half decades. Since its inception in 1982, Dyeables has dedicated itself to introducing innovative designs, providing the highest quality and offering competitive prices. Dyeables offers a vast assortment of styles with multiple widths and heel heights, making their brand the preferred choice for any special occasion. Insider on Dyeables

    For many women, the need to plan for a special occasion is par for the course. OK, so how do we think about planning for a special event? Let's start with "the 3 P's": planning, preparation, and post evaluation. Dyeables is attentive to the needs of women planning for special events and, for over 20 years, has been making it easier for its customers, more often women, to plan, prepare, and post evaluate.

    While planning for that prom, wedding, anniversary, or fancy party, Dyeables is often perceived by women as a savior for understanding and anticipating their wishes and needs. Dyeables' brilliantly styled and colored silhouettes come in standard colors of white, nude, and black, and can be dyed to match 120 colors for any ensemble! It's versatility at its finest.

    Now, it's time to get ready for the occasion with all the glam a woman deserves. Like a symphony, there is a lot to orchestrate. Everything must fit perfectly, including the dyeable shoes. Slip your feet into a beautiful pair of Dyeables shoes and very often you will fall in love. Dyeables provide you with comfort and style that will take you from walking down the aisle to the dancing on the ballroom floor.

    Finally, the post evaluation of your special event takes place. As you flip through photos and experience pain-free feet the following day, you think how wonderful it is to have a pair of Dyeables shoes to make any special occasion extraordinary.