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Cleatskins V 1.5 Pro

Product Description

Cleatskins are an innovative way to take your cleats to the street. Made of a unique rubber compound that keeps you from slipping or falling while protecting your cleats from abrasion. Cleatskins seal in dirt and grass from the outside of your cleats, so car and home are protected from stains. No need to stop and change your cleats and when it's time to clean up, throw your Cleatskins in the wash. Cleatskins Pro is specifically designed to fit the wider profile of baseball, field hockey, American football, lacrosse and turf cleats.

Size & Fit

Size Children's Size Women's Size Men's Size
S 3-4.5 4-5.5  
M 5-5.5 6-8 6-6.5
ML   8.5-10 7-8.5
L   10.5-12 9-10.5
XL     11-12.5
XXL     13-14.5
XXXL     15-16
XXXXL     17-18

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