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    About Charmone:

    Charmones' mission is to create beautiful, luxurious, sexy shoes that are also sustainable and cruelty-free. Every shoe incorporates European design and quality while using only animal-free, eco-friendly materials. Charmone believes that no one should sacrifice their style conscious just to serve their social conscience. This all started when a vegan friend, often clad in the latest, coolest, designer leather shoes, complained that all non-leather shoes were either ugly, poor quality or both! Charmone found a way to design using high-quality Italian microfibers that are constructed exactly like leather, making them breathable, lightweight and colorfast. Not to mention water-resistant! Then Charmone addressed the question, how can you use synthetic materials and call it eco-friendly? Well, believe it or not, the process of creating microfiber is less polluting to the environment than the process of tanning, factory farming and processing leather. In addition, the materials are free from harmful PVCs, using instead a light polyurethane coating which is gentler on the environment. Charmone also incorporates sustainable practices throughout the production process. In addition, Charmone shoes are made sweatshop-free in Italy. Charmone takes all of this a step further by donating 5 percent of all profits to charities that support people, animals and the environment. The first charity slated for donation is Women for Women International, a charity that provides women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts with the tools and resources they need to move from poverty and crisis to stability and self-sufficiency. Charmone feels incredibly lucky to be doing what they love and hope to help others do the same.