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    Caterpillar Technologies
    Caterpillar® has been leading the heavy equipment industry for more than 100 years. As the world's foremost manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, Cat® earthmovers are known around the globe as symbols of honest work, strength and integrity. Cat Footwear® makes boots and shoes based on the same core principles. In the past decade and a half the brand has evolved from work boots to offer a wide range of industrial and fashion patterns that make a style statement while staying true to the original goal of creating genuine, long-lasting shoes and boots. Caterpillar® watches feature the core principles with their durability. Caterpillar® excellence shows through the uncompromising commitment to quality, versatility and constant innovation. Insider on Caterpillar

    Caterpillar made its first splash in construction equipment, not footwear. Designed to combat the marshy conditions of the San Joaquin River Delta, Caterpillar machines have been an essential tool for farmers and laborers since the early 1900's. The scope of Caterpillar's history also expands to theatres of war; the early Holt tractor saw time in World War I in artillery transport, and during WWII, Caterpillar machinery was a known favorite of the U.S. Navy's construction battalion.

    With a rich heritage in expanding infrastructure established, Caterpillar began to focus on the foot pushing the pedal. After all, just because machines are being used doesn't mean there isn't some heavy lifting to be done. Hence, Caterpillar boots boast steel toe, electrical hazard protection, Kevlar outsoles and MetGuard features to keep toes dry, comfortable and intact.

    But Caterpillar's styles aren't strictly for the work site. They know when the day ends, sweaty work boots aren't exactly ideal for dinner dates and weekend get-togethers. Caterpillar's lines of rugged casual sneakers, work shoes and boots are great for the refined man who doesn't mind getting a little dirt on his hands.