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Simply put, Propet shoes combine certified foot care with styles you'll adore wearing. Whether you seek orthopedic or everyday comfort, their pairs will keep you carefree and light-footed anywhere.

Propet is one of the biggest names in foot care, thanks to a tireless dedication to making walking shoes, boots, sandals, cozy slippers, socks, and insoles with your unique needs - including sensible style! Just like, Propet believes you deserve the biggest selection of sizes and widths, so you can find the perfect match for your one-of-a-kind feet. Their therapeutic shoes feature endless innovations to enhance stability, shock-absorption, flexibility, and slip resistance so you get the support and head-to-toe wellness you need. In fact, there's a whole line approved for the Therapeutic Shoe Bill as part of the Medicare Therapeutic Shoes for Persons with Diabetes Benefit. Especially with Propet's podiatrist-designed Rejuve shoes, you'll feel the difference while walking thanks to technology enabling your whole body to move more naturally from stride to stride.

Since 1985, Propet has been most famous for its TravelWalker collection but offers plenty of popular options for any occasion. From classic walking sneakers to slip-ons and Mary Janes, striking colors and patterns are now available with their core collections. If you hate laces but still want more support, no worries - Propet has plenty of VELCRO-strapped shoes, too. You'll also discover a wide variety of casual boots and stylish sandals for all-day comfort with looks you'll love. Your feet - and lungs - will breathe easy in fine fabrics like canvas, suede, and leather. No matter what you pick, get ready for a healthier, happier feeling on your feet wherever they take you. Best of all, will ship your favorites free in the US. So rest your heels, shop our site confidently, and just kick back until your flawless finds arrive.