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With New Balance's iconic capital "N" insignia on virtually every pair and "Made In America" tags on more shoes than any other major label, New Balance is an athletic-minded brand standing out from the pack.

Boston-born in 1906 as an arch support accessory maker, New Balance is still based in America's hub but has evolved into a popular global shoemaker for women, men, and kids with a passion for fitness and casual fashion. After pioneering flexible inserts for blue-collar servicemen and baseball heroes, the brand introduced wider size options with its Trackster running shoes, and set the pace for innovating other performance and comfort technologies the average jogger may take for granted.

Fans of New Balance running shoes, walking shoes, and other styles are understandably loyal. In 1972, Jim Davis bought New Balance and sparked a revolution inside and outside the company, becoming a worldwide leader by producing a wave of running performance breakthroughs while preserving the brand's domestic roots. Beyond the beloved 890 and 990 classic series for running and the 928 series for walking, countless other milestones include the first running shoes exclusively engineered for women, the first multi-terrain road/trail running shoes, and advances in improving shock absorption, durability, flexibility, and fit.

Countless awards have been won by New Balance and star athletes wearing them, but the brand refuses to use celebrity endorsements - instead of projecting a flashy image, it's a quieter confidence focused on everyday goals for everyone, just like! Blending trendsetting and tradition, the "New Balance way" has always put quality, responsible values, and customers' needs first. Walking the walk, its leaders consistently give back to local communities and maintain its American heritage. In short, you'll feel just as good about sporting the New Balance logo as you will wearing their comfortable performance shoes. Pair them perfectly with New Balance clothing, bags, and accessories - it all ships free in the US from