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Who wears Dr. Martens? Anyone different. Whether or not you fit in, you'll feel comfortable taking on the world in "Doc" Martens boots.

The original tough loves, Dr. Martens 1460 boots 8 eye boot broke the mold in manufacturing before they did with cultural conventions. The Griggs family brought a tradition of quality craftsmanship dating back to 1901. With 8 eyelets (shoelace rings) embellishing each side, genuine leather in solid black or brown (to start), and a border of thick yellow stitches securing the upper to the outsoles, the original 1460 Dr. Martens were – and still are – unmistakable. These workhorses were a hit with blue-collar workers thanks to groundbreaking air-cushioned soles and rugged design with tremendous tread. Free-spirited teenagers quickly claimed 1460 Dr. Martens boots as their own, thanks in part to guitar gods other rebellious celebrities rocking them in solidarity with the disenchanted working classes. The trend grew stronger and more diverse in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The fact that 1460s boots haven't really changed beyond color and pattern choices speaks to their timeless appeal.

Today, you don't necessarily have to be counterculture or like work shoes to enjoy the fearless fashion of Dr. Martens shoes. Now there are more casual options for men, women, and even kids. Go low-cut with the sturdy Dr. Martens 1461 3 eye Gibson shoe, refined Oxfords, or the Mary Janes that vary from cuties to bolder, buckled beauties. It's easy to see why these shoes are best-sellers for shoes.com customers. Regardless of which pair you pick, get ready for a new level of comfort and confidence wherever you roam.