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    This specific line of "Arcopedico footwear" is patented. The hand-made upper is woven nylon of continuous fiber thread giving guarantee of unlimited durability. In the production of each shoe, the volumetric density for correct blood circulation and total foot coverage is tested. The anatomic insole in boar skin of fibrous toweling is formed to give metatarsal support and a specific stability for the heel. The patented anatomic sole, PVC injected material, has twin supports to maintain the correct angle of foot arch support. The twin supports are adjustable on each foot, trimming with a knife blade. In a normal shoe the total weight of the body rests on three points only. This often causes pressure to the arch of the foot, as well as the big toe curvature, causing blisters and calluses etc. With the "Arcopedico shoes" the foot rests on the whole surface area of the insole. Consequently, there is less tiring of the foot arch and the elimination of blisters and callouses. Furthermore, the "Arcopedico shoes" exercise the foot, strengthen the muscles, assist the circulation of the blood and ensure more comfort in walking.