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adidas is an original, legendary, athletic leader. Echoing its 3 iconic stripes, there are 3 key reasons to choose adidas shoes: performance, style, or both. Like their motto, get ready to go all in.

Fittingly, adidas has a name like no other - part nickname and part surname, the moniker honors German founder Adi Dassler. From his earliest shoemaking days in 1920, Dassler's training shoes were game-changers. The world's top track stars wore his next-level running shoes before he formally founded the company in 1949. You know a brand is 100% dedicated to sports performance and fitness when its logo stemmed from function - originally, adidas' 3 bold strips of upper were added to every side for extra support. With high-quality, flexible leather that molded to each athlete's unique feet, plus screw-in spikes for superior traction and acceleration, adidas' football boots - soccer shoes to Americans - helped the German team win the 1954 World Cup. There are countless partnership victories in soccer and other sports around the globe. It's a rich tradition of tailoring new shoe technology to give athletes an edge. But success at every level, for every athlete is what drives this favorite label. So when you lace up durable adidas soccer cleats, running shoes, or basketball shoes you can trust they'll deliver all the comfort, confidence, and power you need to reach any goal.

Beyond scoring performance, the logo is also famous in the casual fashion game - you'll earn serious street cred in adidas sneakers. Inspired first by soccer idols, fans started sporting these cool old school kicks outside of competition. The unique fitness image eventually appealed to anyone with a laid-back lifestyle. In the 70s and 80s, the trend expanded into music and urban street cultures thanks to reggae and hip hop heroes rocking adidas.

Of course, you're likely to love the brand for both its looks and abilities - adidas Samba shoes are a fitting example, since they make great indoor soccer shoes but also awesome everyday low-cut sneakers. Likewise for adidas sandals - chill on the sideline, by the pool, or around the house with these cushiony rides. No matter which pair you pick or why it moves you, adidas is a solid game plan. It's time to step up. Give it all you got. Ready?