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About Ryka

Ryka shoes offer the female athlete unparalleled quality, fit and comfort – and Ryka remains the world’s only performance athletic footwear brand dedicated solely to women.

Latest Ryka customer reviews
solved my problem
Hydro Sport Review:
I walk outside in a 2 acre grassy area, instead of pavement and roads. I walk in all kinds of weather. I have had many kinds of sport shoes, to walk in, but decided to try these Hydro Sport shoes, because I often walk in wet grass from dew or rain. I was attracted to the idea that the shoes would allow water to drain through. I love them. they fit well, they clean up well, and dry easily, between walks. They are good support on the surface I walk on. I have worn them as casual wear several times and gotten compliments. I can see these as a good travel shoe, where walking in weather may be a factor. Thanks for a great product.
PERFECT for Zumba !
Enhance 2 Review:
These shoes are great for pronating feet and are perfect for dancing. Arch support is good and they are PERFECT for dancing. They are light and make dancing/turning easier. I may buy a 2nd pair to have them on hand. although my shoes need a few more classes to be completely broken in, I taught with them on immediately and had no problem other than slight stiffness which has gone away. I have arthritis in the knees and I just wish these shoes had a bit more cushioning. No problem, I ordered a half size larger and added my own. Now, I have the perfect Zumba shoe.
Great exercise shoe
Influence 2 Review:
Ryka's are my go to shoe for exercise. I have a wide foot and find these to fit me comfortably. I did order a wide in this shoe because it was an option but even if a wide isn't available I can wear this brand. This pair seems a tiny bit short compared to other Ryka's I've worn. It isn't so much that I needed to exchange for a larger size but I do feel my toes coming to the end. That hasn't happened before. There is more padding in the sole of the toe of this shoe than any others I've worn. I appreciate that! An overall excellent shoe for me.
looks can be deceiving, this shoe is so comfertabl
Feather Pace Review:
I have problems with my feet, diabetic, etc. so searching for comfortable shoes are a big thing. I take into consideration not just the look but the material, how it feels on your feet., is it hard to break in or good to go. room for toe's, arch feel right, is the heel chaffing.
wonderful light weight shoe it is true to size. Gr
Dash Review:
I wear this shoe to run around town in and also wear to work. It is light weight and comfortable. It is a good summer shoe to have because of the mesh. It is airy and breathable.

About Ryka

Founded in 1987, Ryka is the only performance athletic footwear brand dedicated solely to women. Women’s Ryka shoes are designed with gender-specific fits, using a woman’s last for a better fit. Whatever sport you choose, from running and walking to aerobics and water fitness, women’s Ryka shoes offered at can fill your needs.