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    : Identify your arch type.
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the best runner for your needs by reading below. Then shop using the categories above.

CUSHIONED - Ready, set, run! Put the focus on comfort with Cushioned Running shoes. Specifically designed with efficient runners in mind, cushioned running shoes provide superior joint protection for long distance runs. Seasoned runners with a normal pronation or those with high arches and mild supination can comfortably put in extra miles with cushioned running shoes, which feature an extra soft midsole and semi-curved or curved last to promote a neutral gait and proper foot motion.


GAIT TYPE: Underpronation / Neutral

STABILITY - Find stable footing with Stability Running shoes. One of the most versatile running shoe types, stability running shoes are ideal for runners with normal arches who pronate normally or may even mildly or moderately overpronate. This type of running shoe may also be ideal for runners with flat or fallen arches who overpronate. Heavier runners may also find the perfect match of support and comfort with a quality stability running shoe. The key to this type of stabilizing runner is the ability to support the foot through the heel and midsole.


GAIT TYPE: Neutral to Mild Overpronation

SUPPORT - You have found your support system with Support Running shoes. Designed to benefit runners who face significant overpronation issues, support running shoes control motion and provide unmatched cushioning. Overpronators face a higher risk of injury. Running shoes with support will control the inward roll of the foot thanks to rigid, yet comfortable support. While support running shoes may be slightly heavier than other running shoe designs, they offer the most protection and stability for runners in need of control.


GAIT TYPE: Mild/Severe Overpronation

TRAIL - Answer the call of the wild with Trail Running shoes. Designed with superior protection and solid support, trail running shoes offer enhanced cushioning and durability to take you from treadmill to trail with ease. With specially designed outsoles for stability, gusseted tongues to fend off debris and foot deflection plates for safety, trail running shoes are built to handle the most rugged terrain. Offering exceptional water protection and maximum breathability, trail running shoes keep you comfortably one with nature.



MINIMAL/LIGHTWEIGHT - Run like the wind and enhance your performance in men's and women's lightweight running shoes. Designed with the latest technology, women's and men's lightweight running shoes give you the support and protection you need without the weight.



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