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Women's Naya at

About Naya

Women's Naya sandals and women's Naya flats combine style, comfort and sustainability by using eco-friendly materials. You'll find cork, bamboo, and chrome-free leather.

Latest Naya customer reviews
Great look
Seeker Review:
I love the look of these and found them to be very comfortable with one exception. After wearing them around the house for several hours I can say that the leather is soft, the foot bed nicely cushioned and the wedge heel perfectly balanced. Unfortunately, the part of the shoe that wraps around and fastens at the ankle cut into my shin just above the ankle leaving visible signs of abrasion. I like them so well, however, that I took them to my talented cobbler and I'm having him cut back the wrap around section by a little over 1/2 and inch which will make them much more utilitarian and less of a "dinner shoe". This is going to cost me about $45.00 but I liked the shoe so much I felt it was money well spent. No others reviewers have mentioned this, so maybe it's just me, but I don't think so.
Absolutely love this bootie!
Fisher Review:
Love, love, love the color! And the style is great too. I could have done without the wedge heel inside (I'm on the tall side) but it's ok. It's still pretty comfortable.
Wyoming Review:
After reading other reviews I bought the size 8. BIG mistake! I had to pay $7.99 to return because I ordered a 7.5 as soon as I tried them on. These are very good quality leather. They are comfy and yet can be dressed up or down due to the patent leather trim. I'm excited to get my regular size, 7.5, in the mail tomorrow. Order your true size and save the hassle/cost of the return.
Love These!
Monroe Review:
Love these shoes! I've been wanting them for a long time! I would love to get the black pair as well if my size comes in! These are too cute and too comfortable!
Quality leather
Seeker Review:
These shoes are very cute and functional. I first saw them on Anthropologie's site and went in search of them somewhere that offered frequent sales, unlike Antho. Thank you! I like the Velcro closure for ease. My only concern is that I bought the tan selection with the white wedge and I'm worried about it getting very dirty looking and making the shoe look bad. Hopefully it will be easy to clean with maybe a Magic Eraser. I also like the height of the wedge for everyday wear. Naya makes a nice leather shoe.

About Naya

Believing that a woman should be able to have style and comfort at the same time, the Naturalizer brand created Naya, a collection of flats and sandals that feel great, look great and are kind to the planet.

"Naya" is the perfect name for this brand of women's shoes because the word means renewal. Naya shoes let you renew your body with exceptional comfort details, renew your spirit with feminine style and enjoy the way you look and feel.

Naya shoes begin with rich, vibrant colors, plus creative details. Then, each Naya shoe is made comfortable using ultra-soft leather linings and layers of premium cushioning.

The Naya women's shoe collection is fashionable and sophisticated, with silhouettes inspired by vintage looks.