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About Geox

Geox shoes bring the coolest styles for sporty looks, creating highly breathable designs fit for women, men, boys and girls.

About Geox

Legend has it that Geox founder Mario Moretti Polegato got the idea for his "breathing shoes" while jogging one hot day, when he decided to cut holes into the outsole of his shoes to cool his feet. After he shopped the concept around and received little interest, Mario formed Geox Footwear in the early 1990s on his own belief in his idea and product. The Geox Group now operates in the footwear and clothing industries of 68 countries, carrying out its own mission "to convert people into consumers of breathing products."

Geox addresses the issue of unhealthy foot perspiration with their simple, yet revolutionary, patented Geox breathable technology. The Geox breathable system consists of a membrane that absorbs sweat from the insole and expels it as water vapor through micro-holes in the outsole. The micro-holes are larger than water vapor, but smaller than water droplets, so water only goes out and never comes in.

Geox offers this system in every one of their stylish, high-quality shoes for men, women, boys and girls; Geox offers dress and casual footwear for everyone. Stop suffocating your feet, and let them breathe with a new pair of Geox shoes.