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Friends, athletes and mothers, Jenny Fredericks and Jacqueline Van Dine are industry veterans who share a work hard/play hard philosophy. They enjoy outside activities with friends and family as a way to unwind from life's demands. Joined by Jim Van Dine, the three founders combined their passions by engineering performance outdoor shoes with modern organic aesthetics, on-trend designs and sleek, vibrant colors.

By making "outdoor" more accessible, just as fun and a little less "agro", they hope to inspire a life of nature sufficiency with Ahnu footwear. Ahnu shoes feature Numentum® Technology—a "neutral positioning" system that keeps you balanced and encourages your foot's natural biomechanics. They adapt the support system for specific activities: hiking, trail running and walking.

With careful and intentional choices, they found a balance between fitness and fashion, performance and aesthetics, profit and philanthropy, and work and play. It was only fitting that they named their company after the Celtic goddess of balance between well being and prosperity.

Ahnu. Walk new ground.

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