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You work hard…your shoes should, too. Plush comfort may be a nice footwear feature for some, but for those who traipse through concrete, battle the elements and who spend hours on hard industrial flooring, safety and comfort are non-negotiable. If your feet bear the brunt of your 9-5, we have the work boots and shoes for you. From steel toe boots to composite safety toe boots and from slip-resistant service oxfords to lightweight styles for walking the beat, you’ll find the shoe you need in the Work Shoe Shop.

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Steel Toe

Whether you’re looking for construction safety shoes or construction boots, for jobs where toe protection is everything, choose steel toe boots and steel toe shoes that feature a non-corrosive toe cap to provide protection for the toe area.

Composite Toe

When protection and weight matters, composite toe work boots and shoes are ideal. Featuring a protective toe cap that is lightweight and will not conduct heat, cold or electricity, composite safety toe work boots and shoes take all the wear and tear you give them.

Slip Resistant

From non-slick restaurant shoes and chef shoes for the hospitality industry to surefooted nursing shoes and hospital shoes, maintain your footing on any surface with slip resistant shoes and slip resistant boots. Slip Resistant footwear creates a higher level of friction with walking surfaces to reduce the risk of slips and falls.


Providing all-day comfort and maximum durability, medical shoes and nursing shoes are specifically designed to meet the needs of medical professionals and hospital personnel. Working long hours in a demanding environment, slip resistant shoes with extra comfort built in keep your feet protected and comfortable so you can focus on what’s important.

EH - Electrical Hazard

Keep electricity at a safe distance with EH rated steel toe boots and EH work shoes. Electrical Hazard (EH) footwear provides a secondary source of protection from live circuits, wires or highly charged electrical equipment.

ESD - Electric Static Dissipative

When a shock or spark means danger on the job, pick a pair of ESD steel toe boots or ESD shoes. Electric Static Dissipative (ESD) footwear allows static electricity to dissipate from the wearer’s body onto the walking surface to prevent static electricity build-up.


From the O.R. to field work, waterproof work shoes and boots keep your feet dry for all-day comfort and dependability. Waterproof work boots and shoes are impermeable to moisture, keeping feet dry.


Cold doesn’t take a vacation day. Prepare for extreme conditions with women’s and men’s insulated work boots and shoes. Insulated shoes feature various types of insulation intended to keep feet warm and comfortable in extreme conditions.


From nursing and the medical field to hospitality careers, when you’re guaranteed to be on your feet for hours on end, you need durable, light weight work shoes and boots. Lightweight footwear is designed with all-day comfort in mind, incorporating supportive materials and less bulk for a lighter feel.

Metatarsal Guard

Whether the risk comes from a construction site or a hospital, minimize the threat of heavy impact with metatarsal guard work boots and metatarsal guard shoes. Metatarsal Guard footwear features additional integrated protection from impact and compression to the top of the foot.

Puncture Resistant

When you don’t have time to watch every step, choose puncture resistant works boots and shoes. Puncture Resistant work shoes are designed with extra protection to prevent objects from puncturing the sole of the footwear.


If your job requires hazard pay–literally–conductive boots and conductive shoes are your best bet for safety and security. Conductive footwear is used in areas with highly volatile and explosive materials.

Tactical Military

In garrison or in the field, walking the beat or in pursuit, military boots and shoes and law enforcement shoes keep you in uniform and in comfort. Military shoes and boots and law enforcement boots and shoes are specifically designed to meet the needs of military and peacekeeping personnel.