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Once you step into your new, cozy UGG® Australia Classic Short or Classic Tall boots, chances are pretty good that you will want to wear them as often as you possibly can. But before you start wearing these amazing UGG boots, be sure that you know the best way to clean and protect them..

Since sheepskin is delicate, it is recommended that you use UGG® Australia Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner to keep your UGG boots looking as great as the day you receive them.

Here are some easy cleaning steps to follow:

  1. Dilute the UGG® Australia Cleaner and Conditioner in water, equal parts for both.
  2. Using cold water, gently dampen the outside surface. Do not submerge your boots in water or use a washing machine, which could permanently damage them.
  3. Apply your UGG® Australia Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner using a clean, dry sponge.
  4. Gently rub it on the surface until it begins to foam. After you are done cleaning, lightly rinse, without immersing them, with cold water.
  5. After you finish rinsing, stuff your UGG boots with dry paper towels to help retain their shape. The paper towels will also help absorb any excess moisture that may have soaked through during the cleaning process
  6. Dry your stuffed UGG boots in a cool area for about 24 hours. Do not leave them in direct heat or sunlight, which can cause them to permanently shrink.
  7. Sometimes UGG boots may shrink slightly after cleaning, but they will stretch when you wear them.
  8. When your UGG boots are completely dry, use a very soft brush designed for suede or nubuck to gently restore the surface appearance. Remember to only brush in one direction for best results.

If you have other UGG® Australia products in knit, such as the UGG® Australia Classic Cardy boot, in suede, such as the UGG® Australia Bailey boot, or in leather, such as the UGG® Australia Jillian boot, as well as any UGG flip flops, UGG slippers or UGG sandals, there are some additional ways to keep these looking great, too.

Here are some simple hints to keep in mind:

  • Use a clean, very soft damp cloth and gently wipe or blot the surface.
  • Do not use any cleaning product, which could damage the surface.
  • Do not rub and do not use a brush.
  • By just adding these easy steps to your normal shoe care routine, you can ensure that your UGG boots will continue to look great season after season.