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Shoe How–To’s


Fashion tips and helpful advice from our real–life shoe experts.


Feet – just like their owners – come in all different shapes and sizes. You probably have a fairly good idea of how wide your feet are – they are your feet after all, and it’s essential that you find the shoe width that matches your foot width (your feet will thank you). Think about it, on an average, you spend about 10 hours a day in your shoes. You owe it to yourself to have shoes that are not only comfortable but also fashionable. If you aren’t exactly sure what size shoe and shoe width you need, no need to worry. We’ve simplified your shopping with our handy Shoe Fit Guide. Our user-friendly printable foot measurement tool will serve as your guide in determining your size and shoe width. After you figure out your size, you can shop our shoes by width to find what you’re looking for in a simplified manner.

If you are shopping for women’s shoes, choose from the following shoe widths to find your next great pair:

If you are shopping for men’s shoes, choose from the following shoe widths to find your perfect fit:

If you are shopping for kids’ shoes, choose from the following shoe widths to find the shoes that are just their size:

We know you want the best selection of the latest and greatest shoes – that’s why you shop We’ve sized up your situation and agree that finding your next favorite pair of shoes should be exciting, not painful – no matter what size shoe width you are. And just remember, if you need a little guidance, our Shoe Fit Guide is like having your very own personal fit assistant. So whether you’re shopping for narrow shoes or wide shoes, women’s shoes, men’s shoes or even kids’ shoes, you’ll find a nice selection of hard-to-find sizes, and you are sure to find your perfect fit.