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Men's Dunham at

About Dunham

Dunham is premium performance footwear for the active outdoor lifestyle. Their outdoor, casual, and work products make Dunham the perfect fit for those who live, work, and play outside.

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Latest Dunham customer reviews
So far, so good.
Blair Review:
Bought shoes on the recommendation of a certified orthotist. Had them about a month, wearing 5 out of 7 days. so far, they've been good.
Great fitting and Looks Great
Bryce Review:
I'm very impressed with the great fit and style. These shoes are incredibly light too. Dunham has hit a home run with these shoes.
Orthopedic Problems?
Lexington Review:
Size 15 4E, large wide feet with high arches. Ok, so the problem I have with these shoes may just be a factory defect. They fit fine and are comfortable while standing in one place. However while walking forwards the right shoe (and only the right shoe) causes my foot to roll to the inside and twists my knee in an undesirable way. Given that I walk around barefoot a lot and the natural sole of my foot causes no problems with my knees, I believe that it is the shoes themselves that are poorly balanced or some such. So the pair you get may be good, or not, I don't know. All I know is that the pair I received was undesirable for the purposes of walking without incurring other bodily problems.
This is my 2nd pair
Addison Mid Cut Boot Review:
I have very narrow feet and very active on my job every Day and this shoe does the job for me --- pair no. 2 for me!!
Solid shoe for troubled feet!
Midland Oxford Review:
After multi feet surgery's and increased discomfort with peripheral neuropathy I dearly needed a shoe that would provide me good comfort and durable. After a series of "trial an error" I have found this brand to be the best for men for general use Well made, true to size and width, adequate toe room for every day use.