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How Dansko all started...

How Dansko all started...

Not your typical shoe. Or company.

Not your typical shoe. Or company.

About Dansko

Dansko embodies the marriage of science and style in Dansko shoes including clogs, boots and kids' styles, blending good looks with advanced comfort and health features.

Latest Dansko customer reviews
Trying to decide (what size ;)
Professional Tooled Review:
I really love the Dansko clogs. My patients and family compliment my shoes! They are super stylish and provide amazing support, alleviating alot of my leg and back pain. I would definitely recommend Dansko.
Great Shoe
Pro XP Review:
Great shoe
I would buy this product again
Professional Tooled Review:
I have issues with my ankle since I broke it over a year ago, I stand all day at work and that makes the issues worst. I normally wear tennis shoes to work with inserts but that was not helping. My physical Therapist suggested wearing these to work, and since I have been wearing them there is no pain in my ankles. It is nice not to be in pain when I get out of work.
Great if you're on your feet all day
Prima Review:
I wear these all the time. I'm on my feet a lot at work. These are the first pair of Danskos I've owned and am very happy with them. They're not great for extended walking or bumpy terrain but really great for being only feet all day. Although not the most stylish shoes I own, I do think they are more stylish than many other Dansko styles.
Great support but takes time to break in
Professional Review:
I wear these shoes every day to work, where I'm on my feet for about 6-8 hours/ 5 days a week. At this point, I've had them about 2 weeks and they're still pretty hard and taking time to break in. I've heard that they take a while to break in and it's normal to have sore feet for a bit but once they've been broken in, they become your most favorite shoe so I'm looking forward to that!

About Dansko

Husband and wife team Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup founded Dansko—which literally translated means "Danish shoe"—in 1990, when Mandy found she loved the comfort of a pair of clogs she bought in Denmark but was unable to replace at home in the United States. Today, the company is an employee-owned business run out of a Pennsylvania building constructed using numerous eco-technologies, materials gathered from sustainable sources and local suppliers. The headquarters even utilizes solar energy. Additionally, Dansko has a history of community involvement, volunteerism and ethical business practices.

Dansko footwear can be separated into two categories: Dansko clog styles and non-clogs. Also known as Dansko nursing shoes, the iconic Dansko Professional is a favorite among chefs, teachers, medical professionals and those who spend a great deal of time on their feet. In addition to waterproof and water-resistant leathers, popular finishes include patent leather, animal prints and tapestry fabric.

Dansko clogs are made with a variety of comfort technologies, including a rocker bottom to enhance your natural walking movement, gently propelling you forward.

Beyond Dansko Professional clogs and other clog styles, explore Dansko boots, Dansko sandals, Dansko mary janes, and more styles for women, men, girls and boys, including Dansko socks. Dansko also offers women's high-heeled styles for a dressy look that doesn't sacrifice the comfort and stability Dansko footwear is known for.

Each Dansko collection offers a unique fit, and many collections carry the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), which certifies footwear promoting quality foot health.