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About Acorn

Acorn blurs the line between slippers and shoes to create comfortable footwear that's ready to stay home or go out. Find Acorn shoes and slippers that fit your lifestyle.

Latest Acorn customer reviews
Sheepskin Moxie Boot Review:
I looked everywhere for a pair of comfortable and good looking slippers I could wear indoors and out. I have an illness, polyneuropathy, and my feet don't work in ordinary shoes. I found the acorns, bought one pair, broke them in, and then two more. I get compliments everywhere I go. They work with casual and dress up. People ask me where I got them all the time. I cannot rave enough about how much I love these shoes/slippers. And, I live in the pacific northwest and the rain does not harm them, nor does the snow. They are so comfortable too. They will last a lifetime because they are made well. I wear them exclusively and the sole looks like new after 1 year. I hope acorn will continue to make them and add more color for fun. I did get a pinkish pair they made last year, but those sold out. Hope my comments help. I do not feel anyone will regret buying them. Cheers!
Reallt cute sandals
C2G Lite T-Strap Review:
Like I said, these are really cute sandals.They just didn't fit my wide foot.
Love acorn!
Prima High Ankle Review:
I really wanted these shoes to work. I tried these shoes after being on my feet all day. They were beautiful out of the box. The problem was the shoes were very wide and at least a half size too long. I will say they were constructed well and felt like the support I was hoping for. Unfortunate for me, they don't make a smaller size than 6.
Slipper junkie endorses this Acorn mule
Ewe Collar Review:
Love, love, love these slippers. I must first disclose that I am a slipper junkie. Once I come home from work, the work shoes get traded out for slippers. These are the absolute favorites I have ever owned and are my 3rd pair. I wear them down with frequent use. The natural fibers retain the perfect temperature even on the coldest night. The feel is just snuggly fluffy. Acorn has got the art of slippers down. In summer, I use their sandal style slipper. Buy a pair, you will see for yourself! There is nothing to lose and feet nirvana to gain.
I love the look of the shoes,the arch et
Chinchilla Collar Review:
The size xl-w was too small for me. I am disapointed. I wear a size 11 wide.

About Acorn

Acorn’s slippers and shoes reflect the closely held values of founder David Quinn, who started the company in 1976 with a desire to make his friends comfortable. Down in his Maine workshop, he hand-stitched something special: Something that was part slipper, part sock, and all comfort. Just like that, the iconic Acorn slipper sock was born.

Quinn's goal was to bring comfort to consumers who value quality, workmanship and performance. From the original Slipper Sock to technologically advanced indoor/outdoor footwear, Acorn offers consumers an expansive and varied collection of indoor and outdoor footwear appropriate for all seasons. And no matter what Acorn creates, comfort is at the heart of what they do.

Acorn is also proud to collaborate with George Denney, the founder and past Chairman Emeritus of the iconic American brand Cole Haan, in the creation of their Handsewn Moccasin Collection. For those with a reverence for things made by hand and an appreciation for authenticity, Acorn presents a collection of genuine handsewn moccasins inspired by the art of old world shoemaking and enhanced with state-of-the-art materials and make. Acorn, a leader in at-home footwear, has always meant the ultimate in comfort, quality and craft. Now they take their passion to the street with this new collection of casual footwear for men.

Acorn is based in Lewiston, Maine, a town with a rich history of manufacturing shoes. The first Slipper Socks were made by local cutters, stitchers and packers. Their tradition is maintained today in hand-sewn detail-rich footwear. Find a pair of Acorns that fits your life and enjoy Comfort on Earth!